Serving the Saanich Peninsula & Gulf Islands since October 2006.

  Hagen’s Computers is proud to be locally Owned & Operated, serving the Peninsula since October 1st 2006.  Celebrating 5 Years in Business! We will continue to work hard to offer the highest quality service, and support.  We are truly thankful for your continued support!

  Named after 3rd generation business owner Paul Hagen, following in the footsteps of his Father Stan Hagen, who owned Comox Valley Ready-Mix, and his Grandfather Baard Hagen, who owned & Operated two businesses: Hagen’s Meat & Grocers, and Hagen’s Travel (next door to the delicatessan), both in New Westminster, BC.

  2010 was  a very exciting year, celebrating our 1 Year anniversary with the new name, and also 4 years of business. And we are very fortunate to have won the 2010 Vancouver Island Better Business Torch Award! Thank you to all Suppliers, Friends, Family and especially our loyal Customers for the amazing support. We could not have done it without you.

  We are often asked, Where did the turtle logo come from? From our local in-store mascot. While its common for many businesses to have a dog, cat or bird inside the store, it is very uncommon to have a turtle. Tiny is over 21 years old, and has been in the family for the same length of time. She moved to the store over 4 Years ago. She really loves to “Play” with kids, trying to bite their finger(s) through the glass. Most of the time she loves to “Sunbathe” under her heatlamp. Stop in and say hello as she loves the attention.